2014 Pro-Life Walk Photos

The annual Pro-Life Walk was held on Sunday, Jan. 26.  Members from Our Lady Queen of All Saints, Sacred Heart of Jesus, and St. Joseph Catholic Churches were present, as well as people from other churches in the area and people who support the pro-life cause.

Cody Reed, who is the Youth Director for the Louisiana Right to Life and coordinator for Camp Joshua, was the guest speaker.

As usual, the route went from the OLQAS parking lot to Sacred Heart Church, a distance of 1.8 miles.

For more information on the pro-life movement, click the following links:

Fr. Mitchell Guidry and Fr. Jason Vidrine start the Walk with a prayer.01 Fr Guidry Fr Vidrine start the Walk

The Group is gathered in front of Our Lady Queen of All Saints Church in prayer to start the Pro-Life Walk.02 The Group in prayer at the start

Let’s go!04 The Group starts the Walk

Some of our high school students lead the March.05 Celebrate Life Banner

What a great public witness.06 The Group getting started

There was good mix of men and women, young and old.07 Group Shot

Takin’ it to the streets!08 Group Shot

The glare hides her, but Our Lady of Guadalupe was with us, too.10 Group Shot

People born after 1973 can thank God that their moms were pro-life.11 Group Shot

That number is up to more than 55 million now. God have mercy on us.12 Group Shot

OLQAS Pro-Life Coordinator Stephanie Andrus really “walks the walk”.17 Group Shot

Cher, dat’s cute, yeah.19 Group Shot

Slowing down traffic, but spreading the word.21 Group Shot

A great day for walking.22 Group Shot

The back strap of his cap says it all: Jesus!25 Group Shot

In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.26 Group Shot

Mother and daughter; husband and wife; single people; friends and family.27 Group Shot

This SHHS senior holds a sign that reminds us: Even men are hurt by abortion.  Pray for them, too.28 Group Shot

Cher, dat’s cute, too, yeah!29 Group Shot

Made it to Sacred Heart Church for the guest speaker.31 Group Shot

The signs speak for themselves.32 Group Shot

Gathered for prayer and a good speaker.33 Group Shot

OLQAS Pro-Life Coordinator Stephanie Andrus introduces the guest speaker.35 Group Shot

Cody Reed, Youth Coordinator for Pro-Life Louisiana, did a great job.  His message was deep and easily understood.37 Group Shot

Take a look at that beard.  Cody, you can be proud of it. 🙂38 Group Shot

2 responses to “2014 Pro-Life Walk Photos

  1. Stephanie Andrus

    Thanks for the pictures! We enjoy looking at them every year!

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