Fr. Guidry preaches the Easter Homily.

Fr. Guidry preaches the Easter Homily.

To listen to selected sermons preached at Our Lady Queen of All Saints, simply click on the link provided below.  The sermons were given by Fr. Guidry (unless otherwise noted) on the date indicated.  

There are two ways to listen to the sermons:

1) Click on the “Play” icon (shaped like a triangle) on the audio player below each sermon.  Use the speaker icon to increase/decrease the volume.

2) Click on the date of the sermon to download it to your own computer, or other audio device.  The files are .mp3 format.


10 responses to “Sermons

  1. Mr & Mrs Lawson Soileau Jr.

    This is great! My wife, Teddie, has asked previous priest at our past parishes for a copy of their sermons, (to include Fr. Guidry). Now we can download and re-listen whenever. Thanks!

  2. Tiffany Fontenot

    Thanks for putting this online. You can’t always hear the sermon from the cry room.

  3. Father’s sermon’ s make Christ’s presence come alive in our hearts at Mass and even here on this page! Thanks!

  4. Barbara Colligan

    This is such a great addition to help the parishioners who are some times unable to attend Mass. Thanks

  5. Belle Suire

    Father Mitch Guidry is missed by so many in Gueydan. Ville Platte is so blessed to have him. When our son, Kevin, died Father Guidry was a God send to us. He gave us so much peace at a hard time in our lives. Hubert and Belle Suire

    • Nicholas Jagneaux

      Mrs. Suire,

      Thank you for your kind words about Fr. Guidry. I will be sure to let him know to read your comment. May God continue to bless you and console you.

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