Safe Environment Training

If you already know how to re-certify online, then proceed directly to Virtus.  If not, then please keep reading.

As part of the ongoing mission of the safety of our children in the Diocese of Lafayette, the following information is provided to demonstrate how to access the 2010 online recertification — not the initial certification — training:  Protecting God’s Children Online Awareness Training.

Only those individuals who have completed initial training are eligible for thie recertification.

Steps to access the Protecting God’s Children Online Awareness Training:

  1. Go to the website:
  2. Click on “Registration” link highlighted in yellow.
  3. Select “Begin the registration process.”
  4. Select your organization from the drop-down list — Lafayette, LA (diocese).
  5. Create a username and password (using your email  address as your username may assure no duplication).
  6. Please provide the required contact information.
  7. Selection your organization from the drop-down list — parish/school location (please indicate all that may apply).
  8. Select your primary role within the diocese.  Please note:  If you are a paid teacher, select “Educator”.
  9. Go to VIRTUS Online, and enter your name and password.
  10. Once logged in, you will click on the green circle to begin your online training.

This recertification module will take approximately 1 hour.  If you have to close your session before you’ve finished, the session will start from where you left off when you log back on.  You won’t have to start the whole session all over again.

To begin, visit

For further assisstance, please click on “Help” at the website, then click “VIRTUS Online Help Desk” to send a message to VIRTUS; or phone 888.847.8870.

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