Ministerial Schedules

Schedules for Lectors, EMHCs, and Altar Servers

  • June 2022
  • Minister Schedule 2022-06 June
  • July 2022
  • Minister Schedule 2022-07 July
  • August 2022 (not available)
  • Notes and Procedures (revised 12.29.2017) for Sat./Sunday Lectors; and for Weekday Lectors
  • Notes and Procedures (revised 08.12.2013) for Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion
  • If you would like the phone number of any particular Lector, Extraordinary Minister, or Altar Server so that you can find a replacement in the case of emergency, please contact the Family Life Center.

7 responses to “Ministerial Schedules

  1. Robert Jeanmard

    Where are the bulletins on the Bulletins/Schedules webpage???

  2. Do you have a schedule for the blessings of the cemetary in t- Mamou on hwy 167

  3. Leah Hollier

    Where do y’all post the weekly bulletins?

    • Nicholas Jagneaux

      We stopped posting the bulletins a while back because no one was trying to access them. I just didn’t remove the part where they’re *supposed* to be. I’ll take care of that now. Thanks for pointing it out. We keep some older bulletins at the church office.

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