2017 and 2018 Parishioners of the Year Named

At the Volunteer Appreciation Supper, Fr. Mitch Guidry named the 2017 and 2018 Parishioners of the Year. Our Lady Queen of All Saints would like to thank everyone who has worked hard – often without credit – to make our parish a true Christian community of Faith, Hope, and Charity.

The Parishioners of the Year are: (2017) Flo Isabell and Gaynor Soileau; and (2018) Stacey Mire and Ronnie McCauley. (We also celebrated Flo’s birthday.)

Reinel “Ronnie” Smith, who passed a year ago, was posthumously honored. His daughter, Sandy Fontenot, accepted the award on behalf of his family.

We also had special guests of Winston Lafleur, director of Ville Platte Christian Missions, including Bishop Jose Bonello of the Diocese of Juticalpa, Honduras. Ville Platte Christian Missions travel to Honduras every year to do charitable work.

We would like to thank Sheila Saunders for the great food; Jenny Beauregard for the awesome cakes; and Connie Lamke (with our office staff) for the beautiful decorations.

(We honored the 2017 Parishioners this year because last year the Volunteer Supper was not held, due to repairs at the Family Life Center.)



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